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Why Rent from us?

slide-15-150x150Proudly Australian owned and operated, Academy Appliance Rentals was established in 1990 and is run by a second generation family.

Academy Appliance Rentals offers a wide range of top quality and affordable home appliances and furniture for you to rent right down to the cutlery and coat hangers!

Supporting local manufacturers and businesses is important to us.  We use local manufacturers to make our sofas and lounges and source our other items from local suppliers. Where possible we purchase Australian made products.   By renting from Academy Appliance Rentals you are helping to keep Australia prospering.

Academy Appliance Rentals offers a complete range of products – all delivered and installed to our serviced areas, easy rental payment options and ongoing support and service for the life of your rental agreement. Our staff are dedicated to providing customers with high quality products that meet there needs and circumstances.

We want renting to be easy for you. We provide  friendly, and helpful service to our customers, from the initial contact through to the end of the rental term. We want you to come back and rent again and also to recommend us to your friends and family. Here at Academy Appliance Rentals we pride ourselves on our customer service.

Academy Appliance Rentals makes the whole rental process easy, simple, and friendly. Our low operating costs means renting is more affordable for you.

“We pride ourselves on our long-term service & delivery history and, the feedback we receive from our customers, time and again”.

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