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Apartment Furniture Packages

Do you have corporate apartments that need furnishing? Is it for a client who will be in town for only a month? You don’t want to put them up at a hotel, yet you don’t want to buy brand new appliances and furniture for that short amount of time. Maybe you have new executives arriving in town, and they’ll need a chance to find a home in an area they desire. Providing them with a corporate apartment while they are looking at real estate is common, but furnishing an apartment for a short team seems excessive. Not to mention the fact that you’ll have to deal with the furniture once your new employee finds their own place.

AA Rental is here to solve that dilemma for you. We are in Brisbane but have corporate apartment furniture packages on the Gold Coast. We also have packages for the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. We want renting to be not only easy, but affordable, so we have several options available to you. We want to be your one stop for all your corporate needs. We will walk you through the process, help you choose the items you would like and then we will deliver and install. Our contracts are all short term, ranging from 1 month to 12 months, so you choose the option that fits your situation best.

Complete Corporate Apartment Furniture Packages

Apartment furniture packages on the Sunshine Coast for corporate apartments are all inclusive. We’ve got you covered from sofas and televisions, to beds and bedding for the bedroom. The corporate packages also include refrigerators and washers. Need kitchen utensils like pots and pans, silverware, and dishes. We have that too. We also provide vacuums, ironing boards, brooms, and mops. We even have linens for the bed and towels.

AA Rental can meet all your needs for those corporate apartments that must be furnished on the Sunshine Coast and elsewhere. We have many corporate packages to suit your purpose. If it’s a one bedroom, we can accommodate. Two bedrooms? No problem. We even have clocks and lamps. It’s also possible to hire individual items, so if you don’t need an entire package, we are still the place to call.

Hire from Someone You Trust

We have been providing apartment furniture packages to Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast for 27 years. We are a family run, Australian owned business providing top quality affordable furniture and appliances with superior service. We take pride in our track record and welcome you to check out the testimonials about our company.

We provide service for all our products throughout the rental period from beginning to end so you never should worry about something going wrong with an appliance or television. If it isn’t user error, we provide this service completely free.

We support local manufacturers and whenever possible use products made in Australia. Using our services means you are helping keep Australia’s economy strong. At Academy Appliance Rentals, we pride ourselves on our friendly, helpful customer service. Give us a call today, and we’ll go over your options.

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