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Washing Machine Packages

At AA Rentals, we stock every appliance and item of furniture you need to settle in Brisbane for six months a year, whether you intend to move to an area like St Lucia, Toowong, or even the Brisbane CBD. We know that life can be stressful for those who are frequently relocated, and we understand the fact that gap-year workers and students don’t want to pay thousands to furnish a temporary home. Keep reading below to find out why in many situations, it’s better to rent a washing machine than buy one.


Should I Rent A Washing Machine?

To help you decide whether to rent a washing machine in Brisbane, we’ve detailed the main benefits of our service below.

  • Don’t purchase products you’ll eventually need to sell – Household items such as washing machines, TVs and fridges devalue quickly, so you could lose lots of money by buying furniture you intend to sell a year later. Plus, selling large items can be a hassle, which is the last thing you need when it’s time to relocate again.
  • Don’t waste money moving it from one place to another – We offer free delivery to any home in the Brisbane Metro area when you rent a washing machine in Toowong, St Lucia and Brisbane CBD
  • Don’t buy second-hand or potentially faulty products – We all rely on our washing machine remaining functional, but you can never be sure of how seriously the previous owners took maintenance. Instead of taking a risk by buying an old product, rent a modern, high-quality washing machine that won’t let you down.
  • Don’t spend hours searching the high street – If you frequently relocate, you might not have the energy to spend hours or even days perusing the high street for a washing machine, and you won’t have to if you take advantage of our rental service.

Rent a Washing Machine from a trusted Brisbane Company

At AA Rentals, we’ve cemented our reputation as a reliable provider by making our services simple and efficient, and we only stock the very best items of furniture available. If you’re temporarily moving to Brisbane area – whether it’s St Lucia, Toowong, or even the Brisbane CBD – and you need to settle in quickly, contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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