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Keep Your Home Appliances Looking New (Even If They’re Not)

Part of becoming an adult is experiencing a rush of adrenaline and excitement when you finally get your long-awaited delivery and get to unbox… a shiny new rental appliance! Whether it be a big appliance like a new refrigerator or a smaller one like a toaster, there is nothing like the feeling one gets from adding something new to your home. 

Once your new toy is welcomed into your home, chances are that you spend a few weeks devotedly wiping it clean and keeping it shiny. After a couple of weeks, though, the excitement will soon fade. You will no longer put too much time and energy into making sure your appliance is maintained.

Maintaining Your Home Appliances so They Look New

Just like any other gadget or electronic appliance, those machines will need to be cleaning and regular upkeep to look their best for longer. They will not stay shiny and beautiful without some elbow grease on your end! Fortunately, it isn’t nearly as hard as you’d think. We’ve got some tips!

1 – Steam Clean Your Microwave

Steaming your microwave to clean it will get rid of all the grime and food particles that have stuck themselves on the walls and roof of your microwave. These bits and pieces of food that may have been on the microwave walls for ages, and they’ll make the appliance look dingy, not to mention smelly. A good steam clean will help loosen these food bits and make it easier for you to wipe them off and freshen everything up!

2 – Check Your Washing Machine Hoses

Your washing machine’s hoses may succumb to wear and tear if you do not check them regularly. They may already have cracks threatening to become tears! Checking to make sure that your hoses are still intact will ensure that the water that flows out of your machine will flow in the direction that you intend it to. There are replacement hoses that you can buy when you need them.

3 – Clean Your Dryer Filters

It’s crucial to periodically check and clean your dryer filters. If you do not make the effort to clean the filters, your dryer will have a more difficult time in trying to extract the moisture from your newly washed clothes. Neglected dryer lint can also become a fire hazard, so to keep your household safe, make a point of checking the lint before every use!

4 – Rinse Your Dishwasher

To make sure that your dishwasher remains fresh and does not have a foul odor coming out from it, it is important to rinse it out from time to time. Washing the dishwasher itself and not just the china and plates inside the dishwasher will help keep it functional for longer. Check the user manual to see if there is a cleaning cycle you can use on a regular basis.

5 – Clear Away the Dust in Your Air Conditioner Filter

Your air conditioner also has an air filter that may have accumulated dust particles if it doesn’t get cleaned from time to time. If there is too much dust blocking the air filters, the air conditioner will have to work twice as hard to make sure that the air gets cold.



Cleaning and maintaining your household appliances will make all the difference when it comes to their aesthetics and functionality. When you make a conscious effort to make sure that all your appliances are well maintained, you may be surprised at how long they will last. Taking care of your appliances should be a habit, especially if they are rental appliances.

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