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Torn Between Buying or Renting Laundry Equipment This Will Help

 If you’re moving to a new place, you likely have a long list of furniture and equipment essentials that will make your life much easier. But if you will only be staying in one location for a year or even less, you have to do a bit of maneuvering to access these essentials in a way that makes financial sense.

Renting a furnished house or apartment can be very expensive. Buying your home essentials even more so—especially if you’ll only be using them for a year! The good news is that there is a cost-effective, practical way to straddle the line: renting.

Renting Vs. Buying Laundry Equipment

Having a good washer and dryer right in the comfort of your own home can make your daily life so much easier. There’s no need to worry about lugging your dirty clothes in a hamper up and down the elevator or even putting them in a bag to carry to the laundry shop a few blocks away.

However, buying a washing machine isn’t a good financial option for people who live transient lives. If you’re a student taking a gap year or you are constantly being assigned to different states through your work, keeping track of your personal effects is difficult enough. When it comes to large equipment or furniture, you’re better off renting them for the time being.

How about buying household items, keeping them for a year, and then selling them off before leaving? That’s certainly a good option, but it’s important to consider the fact that almost all types of electrical equipment devalue very quickly. A month or so after buying a top-of-the-line washing machine, a new and improved version will be released in the market. After using it for a year, you’ll be lucky if you get a 50% return on what you bought.

There’s also the hassle of moving in between locations. If you always took everything you owned everywhere you went, that’s a lot of money spent on moving equipment and labour.

The Benefits Of Renting Laundry Equipment

Renting laundry equipment will solve all of your logistical problems and more. Your rental company will be responsible for delivering your item wherever you are, and once your rental term is over, they’ll take it right back. You will exert no effort at all in transporting such heavy equipment from one location to another. 

It’s a great financial option because you only have to pay to rent the washing machine for as long as you will need it. If you need to head out of the city in six months or a year, that’s no money wasted.

Appliance rental companies only keep modern, high-quality products in their arsenal. They will also provide all the technical support you will need during your rental term. If your washing machine malfunctions for any reason, you don’t have to worry about repair costs.



If you find yourself temporarily staying in an area and worrying about furnishing your empty apartment or home, you should consider furniture and appliance rental services. They are a practical, wallet-friendly solution to all your laundry, bedding, and other furniture needs. Just because you won’t stay in a place for long doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have all your creature comforts with you! 

If you’re looking for appliance rentals in Brisbane, Academy Appliance Rentals is here for you. We offer a wide range of top quality and affordable home appliances and furniture for you to rent. We make renting easy with our friendly and helpful customer service, easy payment options, and ongoing support. Check out our rental packages today!

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