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Moving Out 101 Top 3 Appliances You Can Rent

Moving in a new home requires you to ponder on more than just the rent—you also need to invest in staple items, such as a couch or a bed. While these can be rather easy to procure, other appliances warrant your utmost attention. These help keep your overall quality of life comfortable and functional, as they help keep your spaces easy to navigate through. 

Unfortunately, many find that investing in these appliances can be difficult, especially considering the price tags involved. A refrigerator will likely cost you half your savings, on top of a dining table, microwave, and other appliances. Thankfully, there are countless options available for you, and the best one has saved countless homeowners from burning through their budgets—appliance rentals. 

Renting an appliance allows you to invest in every single appliance piece you need, saving you from not only an upfront purchase, but any repair and maintenance costs. Part of the rental means that the rental store shoulders the repairs for you, especially since their items come with manufacturer warranties.

The idea of renting an appliance also allows you to return your appliance should you wish to upgrade, aesthetic-wise or functionality-wise. As you plan your independent life, making sure to keep rental appliances in mind—and these three crucial items your home simply must have:

Item #1: A Washing Machine

Washing machines are undeniably expensive, making it difficult to procure one. You’ll end up living in your rental and opting for the laundromat as you save up for a machine, which can be a difficult task. You’ll need to haul your heavy laundry to and fro, but a rental offers you a better option—owning a machine for cheap, and can be accessed without ever leaving your front door. 

Most rental appliance companies offer high-end washing machines, all at a fraction of the cost. You’ll be able to sit back and relax, knowing that all the contents of your hamper can be dealt with in just a few steps.

Item #2: An HVAC Unit

HVAC units are necessary items, as they can serve you in various ways. The summer season will likely bring unbearable heat waves, making it impossible to work, focus, and even sleep. With an air conditioner by your side, however, combating heat waves can be easy to do. 

With rentals, you won’t have to worry about making a dent in your budget. You’ll also have a heater built-in, which will help keep you warm during the harsh winter nights. The best part is that you never have to worry about maintenance costs!

Item #3: A Refrigerator

All modern homes require a refrigerator—and it should be on top of your list! No home is complete without one, especially considering that it can save your takeout boxes for the week to come. Unfortunately, investing in one can be expensive, especially for a homeowner just starting out. 

Thankfully, rentals also offer high-quality refrigerators, ensuring that you have access to these contraptions hassle-free. You can also upgrade to higher models should you wish, but one thing is certain—your food items will remain safe to eat.


The Bottom Line

Although most will tell you to invest in your own pieces, renting appliances is always a welcome option. It helps you save on costs, especially if you’re only starting out. They’re perfect for people with budget constraints, as you’ll always have access to the latest appliance models with ease. Make sure to keep these three items in mind as you plan your move!

For appliance rentals in Brisbane, Academy Appliance Rentals has you covered. We offer you a wide range of quality products, all of which can be delivered and installed in all our serviced areas. Allow us to make life a little easier—rent your new appliances today!

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