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Keep Your Rental Appliance Bills Low 5 Energy-Saving Tips

There are numerous reasons why homeowners would prefer renting appliances. For example, people facing a new living arrangement may not have the best utilities in their new home. This can be due to moving out to a dorm near a university or renting a place closer to your workplace. Since these are temporary moves, it’s not advisable to purchase new appliances just to leave them or sell them later. This is why renting appliances can be an alternative you can consider.

Spending less money on appliances doesn’t lead to using less electricity

Most people prefer renting appliances to save a lot on their living expenses without committing to a full-on purchase. Although you can get a great packaged deal from an appliance rental company, you still need to consider how these items can contribute to a high energy bill. Just because you’re renting appliances at lower prices doesn’t mean your energy usage will also be at a lower rate.

If you want to cut down on your energy expenses, here are five ways to lower your electricity bills.

1. Compare the energy rating of your appliance options

It’s best to scope out your product options by knowing their energy ratings when comparing appliance rental providers. This will give you a better opportunity of saving your monthly energy usage. Fridges, washing machines, televisions and even computer monitors have a listed energy rating. Simply put, more stars mean that it has better energy efficiency.

2. Limit your heating and cooling appliance usage

Heating and cooling appliances generally fluctuate their energy use depending on current climate conditions. Summer and winter seasons will demand you to adjust your indoor heating and cooling needs. However, it’s best to use other means to stay warmer or cooler during these periods. Wearing extra layers of clothing or eating hot or cold food is an excellent way to regulate your internal temperature levels.

3. Thaw food before heating

Although it’s faster to prep your frozen food through the microwave, doing so will lead to higher energy use. It’s best to thaw your food as much as you can before heating it. The opposite is also true when placing hot food in your refrigerator. Keeping hot food items in your fridge causes it to work overtime in regulating cool temperatures inside it.

4. Utilise alternative energy

A simple way to lower your energy usage is to limit your appliance usage. For example, using a full wash with a dishwasher when it’s not fully loaded is a severe waste of water and electricity. If it’s unnecessary to use them, it’s best to wait for the right time to optimise their usage. Otherwise, washing small batches of dirty dishes by hand can prevent you from using your dishwasher in the first place.

5. Keep your appliances free from damage

Maintaining your appliances keeps them from working too much to operate normally. This often occurs to heating and cooling systems that use more energy if it’s in poor condition. Cleaning your appliances regularly will prevent them from overheating and potentially operating past their breaking point.



One way to cut down on energy expenses is to ensure that you’re renting appliances from a credible provider. An appliance rental company that provides support and information on your chosen items can prepare you for the logistical costs of bringing them to your new home. This allows you to have more effective budget planning so you won’t be surprised by your monthly energy bills.

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