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3 Tips for Keeping Your Fridge Clean and Organised

Have you ever opened up your fridge only to have your nostrils assaulted by a smell that made you question whether anything in the fridge is still edible? If so, it has likely been a while since you last cleaned the fridge. Although the fridge’s job is to extend the life of your food and keep them as fresh as possible, nothing lasts forever. Sooner or later, something is going to spoil. As such, knowing how to organise and clean your fridge properly will go a long way towards reducing the risk of that disgusting and improving your overall fridge experience.

Here are some top tips to keep your fridge clean and organized:

1. Don’t cram food

Though it may be incredibly tempting to cram your food into the fridge, avoid doing so. This is because a fridge is only built to hold a certain amount of food at a time while still being able to keep everything cool. 

Go past that, and you risk leaving items a little too warm to be stored properly. Plus, when you cram food, there’s a much higher chance of forgetting what’s in the fridge, leading to spoilage and rotting. For that reason, rotate your food often and avoid buying too much to the point that you need to squeeze everything in tightly.

2. Avoid using metal cans

In an attempt to store your food with whatever container you have, you may resort to metal tins and cans to do so. Unfortunately, this is a mistake. The tin and iron in a metal can quickly dissolve into the food product, creating a metallic taste. Also, this can lead to food poisoning. 

To avoid this, use other materials instead, like glass and plastic, to store your food items. They last a lot longer, don’t impart a taste into your food. They will not be the direct cause of food poisoning.

3. Do a weekly and monthly clean

If you have fruits and vegetables in your fridge, consider doing a produce cleaning session once every week. This allows you to catch and get rid of spoiled produce before they spoil. Along with this, consider doing a monthly deep clean where you clean out the fridge and scrub down the nook and crannies. This allows you to get rid of any food bits that may be hidden.



There are many other tips to keep in mind to keep your fridge clean and organised. For example, be careful to avoid cross-contamination by storing raw meat away from cooked food. You can also store something in the refrigerator to absorb and fight bad smells, like baking soda. All these tips can help you create a fresher and safer fridge, and you can rest easy knowing that the next time you open the fridge, you aren’t going to wonder if something died in there.

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