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Helpful Tips to Remember When Renting Furniture

When you are trying to furnish a room, a few interior design concepts might cross your mind. Should you maintain the current aesthetic of your home or change up the style for a fresh new look? Do you think you’ll change your mind in the future? And more importantly, how much will it cost you to get all the furniture that you need?

Furniture rentals might be the answer you’re looking for. With this option, you can furnish your home faster and be in better control of your budget at the same time. That said, it takes some careful planning to ensure that nothing goes wrong when you choose to go the furniture rental route:

Plan Your Furniture Rental Strategy

Once you’ve decided to rent furniture, there are some things that you need to remember. Here are some of them:

Determine Your Budget

Before you even start checking out furniture, you should first determine how much you’re willing to spend on your home furnishings. Set a budget for every room in the house and use that as a guide when choosing the items that you are going to rent to own.

There is some furniture for hire that comes in packages that might be cheaper. For instance, you could search for bedroom sets or a complete dining area package that could save you some money.

Take Room Measurements

When you start browsing websites like Academy Appliance Rental for furniture for rent, you are going to see size specifications for each item. But that won’t be of use if you don’t know the measurements of the rooms in your home where those pieces could be going! Make sure you write down specific measurements of different areas of your home where you’re planning to place the furniture so you know what would fit in your space.

Choose Function First

When choosing furniture, you should prioritize function first. Which ones do you need the most and you can’t do without? Are the pieces sturdy enough to last for years? How often are you going to use them? These are just some of the questions that you need to ask yourself first. Some furniture pieces have dual purposes, like tables with storage or chests that also serve as ottomans.

Select the Right Style and Colour

While function is of utmost importance, you shouldn’t compromise your style either.  Choose items that match the features of your home. Think about the colour palette that you want and the overall style you want to achieve. Do you want your home to look modern and sleek or more traditional? With the options that you have, you can achieve any look you want! 

You might also want to consider the pieces that you already have—other furniture or appliances you have or prized accessories that you might want to match with the new furniture that you’re getting.



Furniture rental is a convenient way to furnish your home, especially when you’re on a budget. However, you should still be careful when choosing the furniture pieces that you’ll get. After all, you are still shelling out money for those pieces. By following the tips mentioned above, you can be sure that you’re ready to rent furniture that you won’t regret getting later on. Of course, it matters where you rent the furniture from. Choose reputable sources like Academy Appliance Rental to be certain of the quality of the items you are getting.

Academy Appliance Rental is your best choice for long-term and short-term furniture for hire. Check out our selection of products that you can rent to own today!

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