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5 Tips to Get You Through a Temporary Transfer

A relocation, assignment, or temporary move to another city or a foreign country is increasingly becoming a popular practice among many companies. Human resource people see this as a good way for their employees to understand how other departments operate.

A temporary transfer or assignment can last for a few weeks to a few months. Many find it difficult. It means putting travel and other personal plans on hold. You won’t be seeing your friends or family for some time, especially if the temporary assignment happens in another country. You’ll be staying a corporate apartment furnished by a rental appliances company.

However, there are many things you’ll gain from a temporary transfer. This may even prepare you for a promotion. A temporary transfer can be a big challenge, so being prepared is key.

Here are five tips to help make you assignment smooth and free from complications:

  • Get your travel documents in order. If you’re assigned to a foreign country,  your passport should be valid throughout your stay. Secure the necessary visa or passes. Know the location and contact details of the nearest embassy.
  • Plan your wardrobe. Staying for only two weeks, six months, or an entire year? Be prepared for the local climate and temperature Shop for appropriate business and casual attire. Consider dressing conservatively. This applies when you’re transferred to deeply religious countries where wearing skimpy or too revealing clothing is frowned upon.
  • Book your accommodation. Your human resources manager may recommend an apartment or a hostel during your assignment. Rates are cheaper here than those in hotels. Alternatively, some multinationals have corporate apartments furnished by rental appliances companies. If you’re assigned to the Brisbane area, you’ll come across rental appliances companies offering corporate rental packages for one week to six months. There’s no need to purchase new items that will add to your luggage on your trip back. A rental appliances company is often the more cost-efficient and practical solution.
  • Take time to research. Read up on historical places you can visit. Take note of events you can catch during the weekend. Visit the weekend flea markets or go to highly recommended restaurants serving local cuisine. Your assignment will be more meaningful if you take some time to get a feel of city.
  • Make new friends. An assignment is a good way to get to know your colleagues, whom you usually interact with only via e-mail. Take it as an opportunity to build rapport and team spirit. If you’re assigned to Brisbane, ask your  new friends for advice on where to eat, which places to visit, and how you can make the most out of your stay.

Temporary transfer programs are meant to be enriching, both professionally and personally. We hope these five tips will help you prepare for a possible transfer.

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